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Cardboard Baling Press Machine

Cardboard baling press machine is the compressing machine to make bales for all kinds of cardboard waste such as cartons, corrugated cardboard (OCC) etc. Different capacity requirements match different kind of cardboard baling press machines. There are vertical force and horizontal force cardboard balers in the market. Both of them are popular in their own market.

Cardboard baling press machines in SINOBALER

Here we introduce some typical cardboard hydraulic baling press machines in SINOBALER:

1. Mini baler

This is very small footprint baler and it is popular installed in limited space like ships. Normally it produces bale weight about 20~120kgs.

2. Mill size baler

This is the most popular vertical cardboard baler. It can produce bale weight about 60~450kgs.

3. Heavy duty dual ram baler

This is the heavy duty type vertical cardboard baler. When you requires higher density cardboard bales but your baling output is not enough to reach a horizontal baler, this is the ideal option. It can produce bale weight about 260~1000kgs.

4. Manual-tie horizontal baler

Since it produces very high density bales and it is cost effective in price, this baler is the most popular type of horizontal cardboard balers especially in Chinese market. It can produce bale weight about 150~900kgs. The cardboard bale density can even reach to 550kg/m³.

5. Single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler

This is the most popular fully automatic cardboard baling press machine. It can produce bale weight about 200~1200kgs. The operation from compressing, strapping, wire cutting and bale ejecting is all in automatic way. So it greatly reduce labor cost and make production management much easier.

6. L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler

The most benefit from this baler is the flexible wire tie system. It allows both steel wire and plastic strapping. Also it has much more applications than single-ram fully automatic baler. This baler can produce bale weight about 500~1000kgs.

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