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Cardboard Compactor Price

Cardboard compactor can be vertical or horizontal, small size or heavy duty. So cardboard compactor price ranges from several thousand to almost million US dollars. All the cardboard compactors can compress cardboard waste into small dense bales by reducing the material volume. So you can save more space and make the transportation and storage more cost effective. Different capacity and design of cardboard compactor has different prices to match the value.

What determines cardboard compactor price price?

There are many factors to affect the price of the cardboard compactor. We just list some typical ones for example:

1. Compressing force

Normally higher compressing force requires stronger hydraulic parts to support them. So the price of the machine will be higher.

2. Bale size

The compressing chamber size decides the size of the bale. So big bale size requires big compressing chamber size which means the machine framework become bigger. Of course, the overall manufacturing cost the baler will be higher.

3. Bale weight

For same compressing force and same bale size, if bale weight is greater, then it needs a stronger hydraulic parts to have denser bales. So the price will be a bit greater.

4. Baling capacity

Capacity decides what kind of cardboard compactors you can purchase. Higher baling capacity requires large cardboard compactors to achieve. For example, if your hourly baling output for OCC is about 15tons. Then common vertical cardboard compactor is not available anymore in this case. So your should purchase a fully automatic horizontal baler with efficient material feeding system and PLC control system for more efficient work.

5. Feed opening and the method of material feeding

Sometimes the customized feed opening has a bit higher price than that of standard size feed opening. Also if your material feeding is using an automatic conveyor belt, the whole system will cost more.

6. Optional features

There are some optional features for you to choose when you buy a particular baler. These additional features may bring you convenience or efficiency. But normally they cost extra money to get it.

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