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Cardboard Press Machine

Cardboard press machine is applicable for baling cardboard waste by compressing and tying. The main purpose of cardboard press machine is to turn the loose cardboard into a tight bulk. By this way, it can save a lot of storage space and make the transportation more convenient.

Cardboard press machine normally has two types of machines, vertical type and horizontal type. Generally speaking, the output of horizontal type is greater than the vertical type. So the horizontal cardboard press machines usually are popular in the recycling plant and vertical cardboard press machines usually popular in internal waste disposal. And each type of machine has different models with different sizes, press forces, etc. They can meet different cardboard baling needs for different people and uses.

Why we need cardboard press machine?

Cardboard press machine plays a very important role in the waste cardboard recycling business. It will free up space that bulky boxes take up, especially when they are unflattened. As you know that the cardboard is a very useful packing material and it is widely applicable in our daily life. From retail to manufacturing, from food service to health care, education to government, you can always find cardboard related paper waste. We need the cardboard in almost every aspect of our life and we use large quantities of cardboard. Also cardboard is made from trees and even trees are renewable resources, the renewable cycle is very long. Making 1 ton of virgin cardboard requires 3 tons of trees. Recycling cardboard is good for the environment because it can protect the forest resources. It can create us a better living environment.

Cardboard press machine can also become a source of revenue for you. In other words, it can help you make money. After we compress the waste cardboard, we can sell it to recycling center or plant. If you are the recycling plant, you can make waste cardboard into new material and then create wealth. Making the cardboard repeated use can help us reduce tree felling at source.


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