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Cardboard Recycling Baler Machine

Cardboard recycling involves cardboard waste collection, sorting, handling, loading and unloading, warehousing as well as transporting. Of course, finally paper mill receive these cardboard waste for new paper production purpose. During whole cardboard recycling, many recycling machines like cardboard recycling baler help to make whole recycling more efficient and cost effective.


Source of cardboard waste

Previously China imports a lot of cardboard waste bales from the international market especially North America and Europe. Now China prohibits the entry of foreign garbage and accelerates the reform of the import management system for solid waste. In the first quarter of this year, solid waste imports decreased by 57% compared to previous years. On June 19th, the Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Technology Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection publicized the 14th batch of restricted imports this year. The waste paper import volume is 0! This is the first time that China did not import any waste paper this year. So the source of cardboard waste should rely on domestic cardboard waste recycling.


Cardboard recycling baler in cardboard waste recycling

After cardboard waste collection, you will face a problem of transportation. Whatever you deliver original cardboard waste or shredded cardboard to paper mills, the size reduction of cardboard waste will help you to save much cost in transportation. Cardboard recycling baler machine is the right machine to do this job. Also dense cardboard bales can reduce the high risk of fire because cardboard scrap are very easy to catch fire.


Cardboard recycling baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER as a professional and experienced baler manufacturer, we have several different size of cardboard recycling balers for options. Vertical mini baler is ideal for vessels and vertical mill size baler is the right option for small recycling purpose like supermarket and warehouse. Manual-tie horizontal baler is quite popular in domestic China because it is very cost effective. Fully automatic horizontal baler is the best solution for large size cardboard recycling purpose. So just tell us your cardboard baling requirements. Our professional baler team will recommend the most suitable machine for your own baling needs.


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