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Cardboard Tube Recycling / Paper Tube Recycling

Cardboard or paper tubes are widely used for holding toilet paper, paper towels, fabric, plastic tape, or even used as mailing tube, gift wrap. Do you know how to reuse or recycle these cardboard tubes after you use up the wound material? Cardboard tube recycling or paper tube recycling really make sense. Nowadays, many recycling machines such as cardboard tube shredder and cardboard tube baler are helping the recycling more efficient.

As per my observation, most people just throw them away. In fact, these paper tubes are very useful even its initial mission is completed. It can be re-purposed into numerous types of nice home decoration to give it a second mission. For example, you can integrate many pieces of cardboard tubes together and serve it as partition wall for office or even for houses, which looks very stylish and eco-friendly; cardboard tubes can also be re-made into footbridge (some people created one in France), pen holder (can be made of short toil paper tube), chairs and table (can be made of long mailing tube), and even house main frame.

Cardboard tube recycling through cardboard tube baler and shredder

Other than the above ways to reuse the waste paper tube, you can send them to recycling centers. In recycling facilities, cardboard tubes are usually shredded into small pieces by industrial shredders, and the shredded pieces will then be sent to other equipment for further processing into raw material and re-made into new products in the end. In this recycling process, cardboard tube baler or paper tube baler is a must-have piece of equipment which is to help you save the transportation cost, storage cost, make your loading and unloading easily because baler is a kind of machine that specially press the big volume materials into compact dense and uniform bales.

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