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Cardboard Waste Baler Machine

Two type of cardboard waste baler machines are available in the market. One is vertical cardboard waste baler and the other is horizontal cardboard waste baler. Whether it is a vertical compressing force or horizontal compressing force decides it is a vertical or horizontal baler. Generally speaking, low cost economy cardboard baler belongs to vertical baler., while horizontal cardboard baler is more popular in medium or large size of baling output facilities.

The benefits of cardboard waste baler machines

As one of the most useful recycling machine, cardboard waste baling press machine greatly reduces the waste in landfills and conserve the environment. Since more and more countries governments have strict rules for proper waste disposal, cardboard waste recycling becomes necessary. Otherwise, you may face the possible fines from government.

From economical point of view, compacting the large amount of cardboard waste into much smaller bales is easier to transportation and storage. You can not only save cost of hauling the recyclables, but also make money from selling cardboard bales to recycling center.

Cardboard balers compact large amount of cardboard waste into dense bales. So the cardboard waste occupy less space. Also it greatly help to reduce the risk of fire through efficient material management.

The complete line of cardboard waste balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has the complete line of cardboard waste balers from mini size baler to large recycling line. Various type of balers are available and you can also choose to tailor a baler based on your individual requirement. Mill size baler is the most popular vertical cardboard waste baler in our product line. For large amount of baling output purpose, our fully automatic horizontal baler with efficient material feeding conveyor system are recommended. For L-type two-ram automatic baler, you can also choose the tying material with plastic strapping or steel wire. Contact SINOBALER today to source the right cardboard baler.

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