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Cardboard Waste Compactor

Recently, the price of cardboard scrap is rising again. Paper mills in the country is increasing the scrap paper collection price. This attracts many people involve in the waste paper collection and recycling business. The individual collectors collect the paper scrap from Community and sell them to recycling center for baling. Cardboard waste compactor is a necessary and cost effective compressing machine to save the transportation cost for the delivery from recycling centers to paper mills.


Why cardboard waste price fluctuates so much?

Now people in China enjoy the online shopping especially in some big days like Nov 11th each year. So there is a huge demand of paper packaging and hence the shortage of raw materials stimulates the price increase in cardboard waste collection. The cardboard waste accounts for almost 80%-90% of the raw materials of corrugated paper for Express packaging. Also China government enhanced the environment protection and refused to accept paper scrap directly from oversea countries. So the shortage of raw material is the main reason to increase paper collection price. When after the big shopping day like Nov 11th, the demand drops and then scrap paper price also drops.


Get a cardboard waste compactor to help your business

If we want to keep the price of cardboard waste stable, the most effective way is to enhance the cardboard waste recycling. One ton of scrap paper can produce 0.8 ton of pulp. So it is a good business for cardboard recycling. Cardboard waste compactor is an important size reduction machine for waste station. It can reduce the risk of fire and save transportation and storage cost by compressing cardboard waste into dense bales. How to choose a suitable cardboard waste compactor? You should calculate your baling amount and check financial budget. If you have a large amount of cardboard baling need, either fully automatic horizontal baler or large force manual tie horizontal baler is a good choice. If your baling scale is small just like supermarket, a vertical cardboard baler is enough for the baling needs in each store.

SINOBALER has several cardboard waste compactors for your different baling options. Contact us today or view more cardboard size reduction solutions.