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Carpet Off Cuts Baler Machine

Carpet off cuts actually are valuable raw materials. But if you are aware of recycling, landfill is the common solution and you need to pay the increasing disposal cost as well as related taxes. So recycling these carpet installation off cuts is an ideal way to save your cost. The use of a carpet off cuts baler can greatly save your logistics cost.


The recycling value of carpet off cuts

Actually carpet off cuts are valuable materials after recycling. The off cuts can be processed into reclaimed cotton with a flowering machine for a wide range of uses. For example, it is a good material for anti-slip mat. Or it can be the raw material of making cotton felt and insulation.


Carpet off cuts baler machines

Carpet off cuts recycling starts from a carpet off cuts baler machine. Because carpet off cuts baling machine can compress the off cuts into a dense bale which is very easy for transportation as well as storage.

For example, if you want to bale PVC carpet cast-offs with bale size of 1650mm * 1060mm * 700mm, SINOBALER vertical baler model SVBS2-500 is the ideal option. The bale before expanding can be L 1520mm * W 760mm * H adjustable (450-1120mm). This 50 ton press force baler is ideal for fitting into tight spaces as it has a low height and is quite suitable for warehouse so that you will not lost valuable storage space. If you want to wrap the bales, SINOBALER can offer our heavy duty baling and bagging machine for your options. So you can keep bales dry and neat. It is very easy for handling and delivery.

Baler is an investment and you can expect to pay it back within 6 month or longer 12 months. This kind of carpet off cuts recycling can help you out of landfill tax and other disposal cost. Of course, if it is old carpet, you can use a carpet shredder to shred carpet to feed into the baler. The reuse of valuable fiber is also welcomed by some related industries like construction industry. Because government also encourages the resource recovery.