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Carton Box Baler / Carton Box Compactor

Carton is becoming one of the most widely used packing materials today. Especially with the prosperity of the E-commerce industry, the use of carton box increase greatly. The shopping mall on line usually use the carton box to pack and protect the product, delivery the box to customer through express company. Taobao is China’s biggest E-commerce platform. The average orders of one seller is about 5000, which means 5000 pieces of carton box will be used by one seller per day. Now the quantity of sellers on Taobao is about 7,000,000. Then how do we handle with such large quantity used carton boxes? Here we comes to carton box baler.


What is carton box baler?

Carton box baler is a machine specialized in baling carton box and widely used in recycling filed. It has different types and sizes to meet different demands. From small recycle sites to professional recycling company, you always can find the suitable carton box baler for use. Carton box baler is one of the mature baler machines in SINOBALER. And we have various kinds of carton box balers for your choice.


Why we need to use carton box baler to recycle carton box?

Carton box is made from trees and even trees are renewable resources, the renewable cycle is very long. And trees plays an important part in environmental protection, so we should protect this precious resource. One tree can make about 150 carton box, so the more we recycle the carton box, the more sources we save. Use the carton box baler baling the carton box is the very first step of recycling.The box is taking a lot of space if we do not flatten it, so we have to use the carton box baler to compact the box first.


Where doses the carton box go after baling?

It will go to the professional carton recycle company and to become pulp once again.Then through some processes like dry in the sun, press,etc. ,it will become cardboard again. After that, we can use the cardboard to make new carton box. Through this, we are not only protect the tress on our earth, and also prevent the environment form been polluted by wast carton box.


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