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Carton Edge Baler Machine

Carton plants generate considerable amount of carton edge material in their daily production. We also call the carton edges “carton offcuts”. These offcuts are totally new material and of high quality. Hence, after recycling these scraps can turn to top class cardboard or kraft paper. The cardboard offcuts are fluffy and take big space. So carton plants normally need a carton edge baling machine to compress them into dense and neat bales before transferring them to recycling center or paper milling plant. Carton edge baler is an ordinary baler which doesn’t need any unique feature. Because carton edges are soft and low-rebounding material and it is easy to compress them.

How to choose a proper carton edge baler? 

Carton edge baler includes a wide range from low pressure ones to high pressure ones, vertical ones to horizontal ones, semi-auto ones to fully automatic ones. Which one among so big range best fits your need is mainly depending on the amount of carton edges that your plant generates daily. It also depends on the labor cost on your side. If the daily offcuts amount is less than 5tons, a vertical carton edge baling machine is sufficient unless you insist on using an automatic horizontal baler to minimize the labor cost and increase automation level. However, if the daily offcuts amount is more than 10tons, it is very necessary to choose a semi-automatic horizontal carton edge baling machine or even a fully automatic horizontal carton edge baling machine.

What can you benefit from using a carton edge baler?

A carton edge baler can greatly reduce the volume of the carton offcuts. Take using a 20T small vertical baling press for an example, after pressing with a carton edge baling machine, the volume of the carton edge waste will be less than 1/6 of the original volume. Such big reduction on volume significantly saves the transportation cost. Moreover, the neat bales are much easier for people to handle during storing, loading, and unloading.

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