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Carton Press Machine

Carton is a widely used packing material which made of cardboard, Kraft or corrugated fiberboard. We can see it everywhere in our daily lives, such as milk box, express box, juice box, etc. Carton press machine is ideal for recycling all kinds of waste and used cartons. Since the number of waste cartons keeps growing, the carton press machine plays a more important part in our lives.


Why we need carton press machine?

The very first step to recycle cartons is to collect them and delivery them to specialized recycle plant to make them into new cartons or other useful material. As far as we know, most of the waste cartons are hollow boxes. So they are not very easy to collect and transport since the hollow cartons always take a lot of space. It is not very cost effective to deliver them in the loss condition. So we need to compress them and bale them first to make them a complete tight bale and no extra space occupation. In this way, we can deliver more waste cartons in one truck, saving space and also saving transport cost.


How to recycle cartons?

After the cartons have been compressed into bales by carton press machine, they will be sent to material recycling facility, where cartons are separated and shipped to a paper mill. At the paper mill, fiber in the cartons is converted into pulp by mixing the cartons with water in a hydrapulper. This pulp is then used to make paper towels, tissue paper, napkins and other useful paper products.


What is the advantage of carton press machine?

-Multiple styles

There are several types of carton press machines including vertical type and horizontal type, 100% auto type and semi-auto type, etc. And hundreds of models with different sizes and press force. You can always find the most suitable model for your project.

-Easy to operate

The carton press machine usually is very easy to operate. You just need to press the start button. The machine will run automatically to press the cartons to high density bale. It will make the process more efficient and save labor cost.


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