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CE Certified Baler – Let Your Baler Quality Speaks

What is a baler?

A baler, in general, is a machine, which helps in reducing and recycling the waste materials like a plastic, paper, metals. They reduce the total size of the waste materials, thereby reducing the transportation charges and storage cost. So CE certified baler is a popular baler which proves the baler quality.


Where to buy them?

One can get information about the baler from the baler manufacturer and baler supplier. Online sellers also available. However, beware there are frauds and cheats there so ask for a CE certified one.


What is a CE certified baler?

Most of the people may know about the baler and their uses in the waste management. What they do not know is that how to know the quality of the baling machine and what should expect while buying a baler. There comes the CE certification, a certification mainly for the machinery. The CE certified baler does not need further ado as the certificate speaks for it.


What are the procedures involved?

One has to undergo a lot of test and evaluation to certified their baling press machine. Many procedures such as,

  • – Internal production control.
  • – EC type examination.
  • – Conformity of the type.
  • – Production quality assurance.
  • – Product quality assurance.
  • – Product verification.
  • – Unit verification and
  • – Full quality assurance.

Yes, this is a lot to take but the certificate is worth the effort.


Are they necessary for a baler?

Yes, the CE certification is necessary for the balers. Because they will increase the demand among the buyers. It will make them have trust with the CE certified baler.


How much will it cost?

The CE certified baler will be a bit expensive than the others if not the same. But basically, the price may vary from company to company and from model to model. The advanced the model the higher the cost.


Is it worth the money?

One of the major and often confusing questions about a CE certified baler. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the question. It is the assurance the buyer will need. Like a hallmark and ISO, a CE certification is only for products with high quality and first grade. If CE certifies a baler it means, they are the best.


What is the profit margin?

The profit margin from a CE certified baler is totally up to the buyer. But one thing is for sure with hard work and sincerity this baler will earn money more than one can imagine. This is a lifetime investment which will give a reasonable amount of profit.


What about maintenance?

The seller will provide all the maintenance details about the baling machine as it may vary from model to model. However, there won’t be any special maintenance needed.


With a baler, even a newbie can earn a lot of money. The main thing is the waste collection. But once getting familiar with it the user will have a bright future ahead of them. There are also second-hand balers available in the market. However, before buying one have to be sure about the quality and working condition of the baler.


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