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Ceramic Fiber Baler Machine

What is ceramic fiber or ceramic wool? Actually it is a good refractory material which has a heat-resistant property. Aluminum silicate is its main ingredient. But it also contains various polycrystalline fibers and molten glass. Since ceramic fiber is excellent for insulation, many businesses that involve operations or manufacturing processes that generate or use high temperatures , prefer to use it to control heat. It also can come in many different types and be used in various applications. Ceramic fiber baler is a good solution during the transportation or movement.


Types of forms and common applications for ceramic fiber

Ceramic fiber can be used in several typical applications. For example, ceramic fiber blanket has a good market in power, metallurgy and petrochemical industries for direct exposure to flames purpose. Ceramic fiber cloth is commonly as fire doors, special heat resistant containers and furnace insulation in architecture. Ceramic fiber rope is to support or attach different heat resistant structures. Or they can be as winding for high temperature pipes, expansion joints and heated steel junctions. Ceramic fiber paper is popular as a gaskets to keep out high temperature. Also it is a good packing materials for reducing friction.


Ceramic fiber baler machines

So you know ceramic fiber is a very useful and good material for controlling high temperatures. This is why many different manufacturing companies need it. Since ceramic fiber is a loose materials status, transportation is a problem. How to move it in a cost effective and efficient way? Ceramic fiber baler machine is a good solution. Different ceramic fiber forms may need different ceramic fiber baler machines. For high compacting purpose, heavy duty dual ram baler is a good solution. For both baling and bagging purpose, heavy duty baling and bagging baler is a good choice. So just contact SINOBALER today and our professional team will recommend the most suitable and reliable ceramic fiber packing machines for baling or bagging purpose. View more size reduction machines here.