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China Balers

China has thousands of baler suppliers. China balers including both vertical balers and horizontal balers are now all over the world. From mini baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find China balers in different recycling facilities and internal waste management sectors. The competitive price as well as reliable quality make China balers popular in the market.


China balers in domestic market

For domestic market, cardboard and paper waste recycling is the most popular one. Plastic recycling and used clothes recycling come later. Different balers suit different waste materials and output requirements.

For cardboard and paper waste recycling baler, mill size baler, manual-tie horizontal baler as well as fully automatic horizontal baler are all suitable choices. You can choose a right one according to your space, financial budget, and baling output requirement. Normally most recycling centers choose manual tie horizontal baler because it has competitive price and good baling output. For some internal waste management cases like supermarket, vertical mill size baler is enough for each store. For some large scale recycling facilities, fully automatic baler is ideal because it is the most efficient and labor cost saving baler.

Regarding to plastic waste recycling baler, long stroke baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are all ideal options. But for used clothes recycling, lifting chamber baler and swivel lifting twin chamber baler are best choices.


China balers in international market

China balers are now available in most countries in the world. You can find thousands of mini balers in many shipping companies’ vessels. You can find different vertical and horizontal balers including lifting chamber balers, long stroke balers, mill size balers, baling and bagging machines, and door opening balers spread in different countries and facilities. The versatile balers match versatile baling applications. Of course, China fully automatic horizontal balers are now more and more popular in the international market due the competitive price and reliable quality.


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