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How to choose a suitable baler

First of all, you need to be prepared to provide the details of the following 3 points:

  • Type of material you will be baling.Different baling machines have their own unique features.  Some baling machines may be more ideal to bale certain type of waste material as compared to others.  Therefore, it is very helpful to be specific about waste material type.  For example, if you need a baling press to bale plastic, you should specify the exact type of plastic– i.e. PET bottles? HDPE containers? Plastic bags? Plastic film?
  • Bale size and output requirementIf you have a daily load of 8 tons of old corrugated cardboard, I am sure you would like to have a cardboard baler able to produce bales according to your preferred size for easy storage and container loading, and with an output capacity of 1 ton every hour (assuming you are running 8 hours operation per day).
  • Sufficient space in workshopNo matter how good the hydraulic baling press is, it will not work if you are unable to install the machine on-site.  Besides baling machine space, you should also check the ceiling height of your workshop, especially if you are considering adding high hopper to your baler.

Once you have the answers for the above 3 points, you can proceed to our intellectual Applications Table to find your ideal baling machine.  Just click on the type of material you are baling, and the table will immediately highlight those ideal balers for your consideration.  And you can then move your cursor over to those suitable baling equipments to see the output capacity of each baling machine model.  Lastly, download the catalogue of your ideal baling machine to review all important specifications, and check detailed dimension measurement. Very easy, very simple.

However, if you are still unsure, simply send the answers of the above 3 points to our professional sales representative, and they will be able to provide you with a customized baling solution within 1 working day.