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Chrysanthemum Leaves Baler / Chrysanthemum Leaf Baler

Why we need chrysanthemum leaves baler?

Chrysanthemum leaves baler is widely used in baling and packing chrysanthemum leaves for long time storage and transport. To know this kind of chrysanthemum leaf baler machine better, we have to learn chrysanthemum leaves first.

This plant is originated from East Asia. The taste of chrysanthemum leaves a slightly mustardy flavor and a crispy texture. In Asia, we normally use it to flavor soups, stews and hot pots. It also has high medicinal value of cooling effect and even very suitable for children since it is very mild. Generally speaking, the chrysanthemum leaves is a very useful material in many aspects of our lives. Because we desperately need it. But it is also a seasonal corps, the chrysanthemum leaves baler can help us a lot in enjoying the chrysanthemum leaves all year round.


How to use chrysanthemum leaves baler?

Chrysanthemum leaves baler normally not only with the function of compressing but also with the function of packing the bale with plastic bags. Because the ultimate purpose of using chrysanthemum leaf baler for baling is to increase the storage time of the chrysanthemum leaves.

The operation of chrysanthemum leaves baler is very easy. You just need to put the dried chrysanthemum leaves into the machine and press the start button. The leaf baler machine will work automatically and you just need to check the exit of the baler. When you see the bale of chrysanthemum leaves is coming out, you can use a plastic bag to set in the exit and pack the bale. After that, you can vacuum it and seal it to protect it from air.


Chrysanthemum leaves baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two types of Chrysanthemum leaves baler machines. One is with scale to make small bales called scale weighing bagging baler. The other one is with large hydraulic tonnage to make heavier bales called heavy duty bagging baler. You can use the scale weighing bagging baler to control the weight before baling and make every bale almost the same weight. And you can go for the heavy duty bagging baler if you want bale the chrysanthemum leaves as much as possible at one time.


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