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Closed End Baler Machine

Horizontal baler machine can be closed end baler or open end baler. Both closed end baler and open end baler can process a wide variety of materials and make tight bales. Closed end design ensures very dense bales especially for baling hollow products like PET bottles.


Closed end baler machines in the market

Almost all the professional baler manufacturers have their own closed end balers. The most popular is the mid-sized close end baler machine. It is ideal for multi-material processing. So it is very popular in a variety of facilities. For example, paper or cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, printing facilities, textile waste recycling installations, distribution centers, PET bottle recycling plants, fiber processing facilities or packing factories. The ram compresses the material in the compaction chamber and then eject the bale through the end. The gate operates hydraulically. So the exit door can automatically lifting up to let the bales come out. Horizontal cutter on feeding aperture is for cutting off the excessive material to prevent it from getting stuck. Automatic bale ejecting system can achieve efficient bale ejecting by simply pressing a button.


Closed end balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manual tie horizontal baler is a typical closed end horizontal baler. We have standard five models SHB1-400, SHB1-600, SHB1-800, SHB1-1000 and SHB1-1200. Bale weight for OCC ranges from 150 kgs to 900 kgs and baling output can be 0.8-3.5 tons per hour. That means it can produce up to 20 tons of OCC in a standard day’s shift. Bale weight for PET bottle ranges from 150 kgs to 800 kgs and baling output can be 0.5-2.5 tons per hour. SINOBALER closed end baler machines can compress cardboard or paper, hollow plastics, soft plastics, fiber materials and other packing materials into dense and quality bales that are easy to store, transport and recycle. So these compressing machines can help to save more storage space at your disposal. They also help recycling facilities to save labor cost and enhance the safe work as well as earning more recycling profits.


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