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Clothes Compactor Machine

Used clothes really take up space. But do you find a good way to handle these used clothes? Sell them online, give them to friends, or donate them to local shelter. All of these are good solutions. When these solutions are not available, recycling comes to the ideal solution. But how to transport these used clothes to another place which may not in the same country? Here clothes compactor machine can help.


Why we recycle used clothes or textile waste?

Used clothes or textile waste is one of the common landfills in the earth. Recycling is an ideal way to reduce the textile landfills by recycling or reusing these old textiles. Big recycling does not only mean turning something to new thing. It also includes passing old textiles to be used and liked by someone else. Recycling or reusing textiles can help to save natural resource and it is environmental friendly.


How to recycle used clothes or textile waste?

When we have used clothes which occupy your space, how to handle them in a better way? For example, you can take a picture and resell them at People who are interested in it will contact you for transaction. So you can make extra cash and buyer can have a cheaper price for the clothes. Both of you benefit from this second-hand transaction. Donation is also a good idea. You can donate your used clothes to poor area directly or just send to Red Cross Society. Recycling used clothes to something new make sense but need some cost. From used clothes collection, transportation, size reduction to new production, we need some recycling machines like clothes compactor and textile shredder for help.


Clothes compactor machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several type of clothes compactors in our product range. If you want to compress clothes into dense bales and then bag the bale into a plastic bag, both lifting chamber baler and baling and bagging machine are available. If you have large amount of textile waste for compacting purpose, L-type horizontal automatic baler is the ideal option. Contact SINOBALER today for your own clothes size reduction solutions.


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