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How to Recycle Old Clothes

Once some clothes get worn or out of fashion that are no longer be used, there are a few ways to reuse or recycle old clothes. Some recycling machines like clothing baler can help during old clothes recycling.

1. Old clothes can be donated to charities or some poor places like schools in some remote countryside. Or put these used clothes to particular clothes collection bins around your residential area.

2. If the clothes are still quite new but you do not like anymore, you can sell to other persons at a discounted price on some second-hand goods transaction platforms. Sometimes you can also exchange your clothes with something you need or like from other persons. This is a very good solution for both you and other person.

3. Old clothes can be collected by some clothes recycling companies. They will sort and sanitize them, and then press these clothes into high density uniform bales to reduce transportation. Baling is a very important procedure here because it significantly reduces the size of the volume, and makes it easier for transportation and handling. After baling, the clothes can be exported to some poor areas mainly in Africa.


4. Old clothes after a few procedures can also be reprocessed into new raw materials and then made into new textile products.

Clothing baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a professional baler manufacturer pioneer in China. We have designed two type of baling machines especially for compacting used clothes into tight and square bale for easy transportation and storage.
Lifting chamber baler (SVBT2-L1 series): we have five popular baler models for different bale size and output purpose. It is very simple to operate.
Swivel twin lifting chamber baler (SVBT2-L2C series): The dual chamber structure design can carry out loading and baling synchronously so that it can increase your working efficiency.

To know more about used clothes recycling or used clothes baling solution, you can contact one of Sinobaler expert through or send us email at We are always ready for help.

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