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Clothing Compactor

Recycling of clothing 

Secondhand clothing trading is very common and popular in the worldwide. After collection of used clothing, recyclers will first sort and divide the clothing into various types and grades. For example: winter or summer clothing, children or adult clothing, wearable or unwearable textiles, etc. Then those low quality clothing will be chemically or mechanically recycled into raw material for the manufacture of other apparel and non-apparel products. But those mid to high quality clothing will be exported to countries like Africa or South Asia for re-selling. A clothing compactor is quite necessary in clothing recycling.

Why use clothing compactor? 

Clothing is very bulky. Try imagining exporting 20 tons of used clothing in loose pieces; it will stack up as high as a small hill. So, to ensure ease of transportation, it is a good idea to compress the loose clothing into neat and tidy bales before exportation. Another reason is, importers normally place order for used clothing by per container load. Therefore, the more they can load into the container, the better it is because it saves them time and money. A clothing compactor can compress loose clothing into dense and regularly shaped bales, so it greatly facilitates storage and transportation handling.

Clothing compactor from SINOBALER 

SINOBALER is a professional compactor supplier. Our clothing compactor is specially suitable for baling old clothing. Our lifting chamber balers are with movable chamber box. You can easily wrap up the bale on all sides and do cross strapping with these types of compactors. The bales after wrapping can well protect the clothing inside from getting stained during transportation and handling. There are single chamber and dual chamber designs available. If your clothing are meant for chemically or mechanically recycling and do not need bale wrapping, then our standard vertical compactors as well horizontal compactors are suitable as well. Contact us and our team will discuss with you about your clothing baling needs and propose the optimal clothing compacting solution. 

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