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Coffee Capsules Baler Machine

Every day we have large amount of coffee capsules consumed worldwide. So the disposal of coffee capsules becomes a big challenge. Since coffee capsules are made of aluminum or plastic, it is no wonder that we can recycle them. But how we can recycle them in the maximum benefit of environment? Or how to recycle them in the minimum harm of environment? How to make coffee capsules handling easier? A coffee capsules baler is one of the size reduction machine to improve whole coffee capsules recycling efficient.

Coffee capsules recycling

Both plastic and aluminum are recyclable materials. So whatever plastic coffee capsules or aluminum coffee capsules are both available for recycling in theory. The problem is the recycling cost and efficiency.

Nowadays recycling plastic capsules is still difficult. Because used plastic coffee capsules still leave coffee and contain aluminum tab. If we want to recycle plastic coffee capsules, we need to separate aluminum tab from the plastic body of the capsule first. The next step is to wash it to get rid of coffee grounds. Then we can dispose of them directly in the plastic waste bin. This is the real start of plastic recycling.

Aluminum coffee capsules recycling is much easier because you only need to wash capsules carefully. Also aluminum is a 100% recyclable material. When large amount of aluminum coffee capsules are collected, how to compact them for easy handling is a problem. This is why coffee capsules baler works. Such kind of aluminum recycling can save up to 95% of energy required for aluminum production from original raw material. So it is great savings.

Overall, a great number of coffee capsules is recycled. Of course, household reuse is a good solution although it is still in small scale. But creative recycling and reuse solutions are more and more encouraged to achieve excellent result.

Coffee capsules baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides a complete line of baling machines for versatile materials including coffee capsules. Most our customers prefer to collect coffee capsules in polyethene bags. And they request to offer a suitable baling machine which is practical but not an expensive option. So generally speaking, vertical balers are more suitable in this case. Contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own coffee capsules compacting solutions.

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