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Cola Cans Baler Machine / Cola Cans Baling Machine / Cola Cans Compactor

Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The world famous beverage company Coca-Cola, it sells 19,400 bottles per second around the world. How to deal with the corresponding large quantity of used cola cans? The cola cans baler machine is playing the increasingly important part in the recycled business. If you need to handle with the waste cola cans, the cola cans baling machine is the best choice. It is ideal especially for baling waste beverage cans, like cola cans, food cans, bottles, etc. It’s a very useful machine in special recycle plant and also used widely in in Individual enterprise.


The benefits of recycling cola cans


The most important, of course is to help protect the environment by recycling. Recycling cola cans not only benefits the environment; recycling certain items can also benefit your pocketbook by providing you with extra spending money. You can use the cola cans compactor to bale the cola cans and send it to recycling centers for extra money. The recycle center will pay by weight and the cola cans baler will make sure the high density of cola cans bale , so you can deliver more cola cans after baling.


How to recycle cola cans?


Every country or state has different used cans deposit legislation. First of all, Contact your local cola cans recycle center for help and advice. Then you can collect cola cans through school, office, factory or charity. If necessary, set up collection points for cola cans. Use the cola cans baler to make recycling more efficient and save the storage space.


Cola cans baler machine in SINOBALER


There are quite a few cola cans baling machines in SINOBALER for recycle cola cans. Different types such as vertical cola cans compactor, horizontal cola cans compactor, etc. Various of baler models with different technical parameters to meet various demands. Long stock baler is a perfect choice for small cola cans recycle business and limited plant size. Auto horizontal baler is the most labor-saving machine for special cola cans recycle plant.


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