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Compact Baler Machine

We often receive a size reduction request from potential customer as below:

‘ I would like to request for a quote on a mini cardboard baler because our warehouse is quite small and has limited space. We have a large quantity of cardboard that is taking a lot of space from our warehouse. So I wanted to see if you can help me find a good fit on what type of baler we should get. Thank you.’

If the installation space for baler is quite limited, a compact baler machine should be a good solution because it has a small footprint. Of course, this kind of baler can only handle low volume of materials compared to heavy duty baler. So compact baler is the ideal choice if you are looking for a small footprint baler which is easy to handle and can produce small but dense bales.

Compact baler machine introduction

1. What kind of materials that compact baler can handle?

Compact baling machine is also a versatile baling press. The primary compressing materials can be paper, cardboard, plastic wrap, plastic film, shrink wrap, PET bottles as well as other soft packaging materials.

2. Where compact baler is popular?

The compact baling machines are impressive and popular in lower amount baling facilities or small facilities. For example, school, vessels, convenience stores, takeaways and organizations with restricted site space.

Compact balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER mini balers belongs to this kind of lightweight compact balers. These compact vertical waste balers are the smallest baling machines in our baler product line. The press forces can be 10 tons, 15 tons or 20 tons. The impressive press forces, robust component parts and rapid cycle times make the machine popular in the market. Bale weight for OCC can be from 20kgs to 120kgs. These mini balers featured with small footprint and low height. So contact SINOBALER to find a suitable machine to best suit your site space.

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