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Compact Size Baler Machine

What is compact size baler?

Compact size baler requires little space since it features with small footprint and low height. This kind of balers provide effective volume reduction for small to medium sized volumes of materials.  It is quite easy to handle light weight bales for convenient handling and transportation.

Who needs compact size balers?

The compact design baler is popular in space limited facilities where effective waste reduction and management is required. Such compact size balers are ideal options for schools, restaurants, cafeterias, offices, retail stores, grocery shops, vessels, hotels, hospitals and even homes.

Compact size baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides several compact size balers to compress different kind of recyclable or waste materials into small, manageable bales.

– Mini baler

Any facility where there is a small amount of material baling requirement, this baler is the right one to go. This is a good choice for locations with height and space limitations. It can handle different kind of materials include plastic bottles, films, cardboard, paper, and textiles etc.

– Garbage compactor

This machine is tailored for compressing daily garbage waste such as paper, carton, film, plastic bottles and even kitchen and organic waste. Waste material is always compressed into a plastic bag which is pre-placed around the bucket, keeping the working area clean and dry. It is designed to be driven by single phase electric power.

– Drum crusher

This drum crusher uses hydraulic pressure to flatten metal containers, drums or barrels into a piece. It can compact up to a full 220Litre size drums and hourly output can be up to 60~70 pieces of drums.

These compact design balers provide many placement opportunities and contribute easy material handling, storage and transportation. Contact SINOBALER today to find your own best suitable material size reduction solutions.

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