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Compressed Bales from a Baler

Compressed bales can be in different materials and shapes. Baler or Compactor can produce the compressed bales in desired size and weight. These dense bales allow for easy and efficient handling, transportation and storage. So they give baler or compactor purchaser the maximum return on investment.


The shapes of compressed bales

Bales can be in square shape, rectangular shape or round shape. Take hay baler for example, some are in small square or rectangular bales, the others are in huge round bales. Different materials have different shape requirements for easy handling and transportation cost saving purpose. Most materials prefer to have square or rectangular shape bales. For example, cardboard bales are always in rectangular shape and most customers choose the ideal bale size which can achieve the maximum truck or container loading.


Popular materials compressed bales

Many materials are available for bales. For example, cardboard or paper waste bales, hay or straw bales, plant or animal fiber bales, textile bales, tire bales, wood shavings or chip bales, PET bottles, aluminum cans bales. Different balers suit different material baling and create different size bales. For example, for achieving high bale loading capacity in container for palm fiber, SINOBALER heavy duty vertical baler is an ideal baler machine option to create dense palm fiber bales. You can make bale size W1130*D500*H(variable 400-1000)mm before expansion or approx.1150 x 520 x 600mm after expansion. So a 40’ HQ container can load 200pcs such bales.

For same bale size, higher bale weight is better to help cost saving. Different structure baler and different compressing force will affect the bale weight for same material. Take PET bottle for example, both vertical long stroke baler and manual-tie horizontal baler are ideal for baling PET bottle scraps. But long stroke baler can create much denser PET bottle bales than that from manual-tie horizontal baler under same compressing force.

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