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Corn Cob Baler Machine

Corn cob is popular as cob of corn or corncob. It has many uses. So it is a valuable material for recycling. Corn cob baler machine is a compressing machine to compact loose corn cobs into tight bales for easy transportation and storage. It is a great size reduction machine in corn cob recycling.


The wide applications of corn cobs

Corn cob has many good uses. For example, it is a good material source of chemical furfural, bio-fuel, charcoal production and bowls of corncob pipes. You can use it for animal bedding purpose because it can absorb moisture and provide a compliant surface. If you can crush, wash and dry it, you can make it to cat litter. Despite it is in low nutritional value, it can use for fiber in fodder for ruminant livestock. Also it is a mild abrasive for cleaning building surfaces.


Vertical corn cob baler and horizontal corn cob baler

Both vertical baler and horizontal baler are suitable for baling corn cobs. They use hydraulic system to press the materials into dense bales. The higher compressing force create the denser bales. Here is the question how to choose a right corn cob baling machine. Or what is the difference between vertical corn cob baling machine and horizontal corn cob baling machine. Vertical corn cob baler machine features simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, small footprint requirement and lower purchasing cost. Because it is a manual baling press machine. So you should feed material manually and run button operation. However horizontal corn cob baler machine features higher baling output, less labor in operation and more financial budget.

Each type corn cob baler has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should know your own baling requirements better and find the most suitable baler machine. Or you can just contact SINOBALER team for professional advice on choosing the right baler.


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