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Corn Cob Press Machine

What is corn cob press?
Corn cob press is a machine for pressing loose corn cobs into dense bales. This machine makes the torage and transportation of the corn cob easier and less costly. Hence, corn cob baling press plays very important role in the operation of corn cob suppliers.

<h2>Why we need to recycle corn cob?</h2>
As you know, the application of corn cob is very wide. The main use of it is as animal feeding. Many farms grow corn with the only purpose of producing animal feeding material. Here are some other applications of corn cob.

  • The corn cob contains a lot of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Therefore, we can use it for making papers and biological sugar.
  • In the production of cement board and cement brick, we can use the corn cob as a filler for glue or paste.
  • When we produce the tire, we can use it as a rubber additive. By adding the corn cob, it can increase the friction between the tire and the ground for increasing the traction force and extending the service life of the tire.
  • It can also be used for making packing material, gunpowder or even as the prudential of the mushroom.

<h2>Corn cob press in SINOBALER</h2>
SINOBALER’s heavy duty horizontal bagging baler is one of the most popular types of balers for baling corn cob. The main press forces are 40 tons, 60 tons and 80 tons. We can equip conveyor with this machine for feeding the corn cob into the baler automatically. The operation of this machine is very easy, there is a control panel and you just need to press the buttons on it to operate.After the material has been pressed and pushed out of the machine, we need to use a plastic bag to pack the bale for keeping the compacted bale.

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