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Corn Silage Baler Machine / Baling Corn Silage

Corn silage is a high-quality forage crop that is used to feed diary, beef cattle or horse on farms. Its popularity is due to the high yield of a very digestible, high-energy crop, and the ease of adapting it to mechanized harvesting and feeding. To produce high-quality corn silage, it is important to do a good job in growing, harvesting and preserving the crop. That means you’d better lime and fertilize according to a soil test, select the proper hybrid, plant at the proper time and proper population. How to handle or transport large amount of corn silage? Corn silage baler machine is a good solution.

Baled silage by a corn silage baler machine is forage that is baled at a higher moisture than forage to be stored as dry hay – between 40 and 60 per cent. The bales can be sealed with airtight plastic and remain sealed until they are required. The high moisture and lack of air within the sealed bale promote fermentation, which preserves forage quality. Baled silage, also known as baleage, may be produced from any forage, grass or crop that would be used for conventional silage.


Advantages of baling corn silage

  1. – Improves the corn silage collection efficiency. Decreases feed loss because of better palatability over dry hay.
  2. – Provides flexibility in amount harvested so that it can handle even small amounts.
  3. – Has less leaf loss than dry hay when fed.
  4. – Retains a more natural green color than chopped silage (due to lower temperatures during fermentation) – a plus for the horse feed market.
  5. – Requires less labor and less energy for harvesting than a chopped silage system.


Corn silage baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers several types of corn silage baler machines. These baling machines are especially ideal for horizontal pressing and packaging of corn silage into square pressed bales. Please send us your initial volume, final bale size and bale weight requirements and required output or production speed. Our professional team will recommend or tailor the most suitable corn silage baler machine for your unique requirements.


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