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Corn Stover Baler Machine

Why we need a corn stover baler?

Corn stover is a kind of biomass and it normally includes stalks, leaves and cobs that remain in fields after the corn harvest. Traditionally, we normally use corn stover as important source of organic matter and plant nutrients. So we mostly return them to the soil. Nowadays, we find that we can use corn stover to produce ethanol and for energy production. And it is more valuable if we use the corn stover to make ethanol, because we can earn more money by that way.

Actually the market for corn stover is very large since the increasing concern about the carbon dioxide emissions and global warming problem. In such a big market demand, how to transfer and store the corn stover becomes a question for us. Since the corn stover baler is a great size reduction machine to reduce the corn stover size and makes them in dense bales, so it is a perfect solution for the transportation and storage of corn stover.

Corn stover baler is the machine that used to press the corn stover. Some corn stover baler also has the function of packing the corn stover with plastic bags.

How to choose a suitable corn stover baler?

Corn stover baler has different types like vertical type, horizontal type, and bagging type etc. And Each type of corn stover baling machine also has different models with different bale sizes, press forces, and motor powers etc. These different specifications of corn stover baler make the baler performance very different. Some models of corn stover baling press machine only has the output of hundreds kilos per hour, but some models of corn stover baler can reach tons per hour. Some corn stover baler uses steel wires/plastic straps to tie the bales, while some of the corn stover baler uses plastic bag to pack the whole bale.

Since baling corn stover is a dirty business, how to choose a right machine to keep running smoothly and efficiently? There are some key factors to take into consideration. For example:

1. whether this corn stover baling machine can endure the dirty and dusty working environment or not.

2. whether this corn stover baling machine has enough capacity to bale a large amount of coarse material in short time or not.

3. find a baler with your own matched output requirement (kg/h).

4. tailor your own bale size (length, width, height ) and bale weight (kg per bale).

5. choose your best tying material requirement (steel wire, plastic straps or plastic bag)

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