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Corn Straw Baler Machine

As a by-product of agricultural crops, there are large amount of agricultural residues corn straw after the harvest of crops. People find increasing value of recycling these straws. Since corn straw consists of 61.2% cellulose, 19.3% hemicellulose, and 6.9% lignin, etc., paper making, animal bedding or feeding, ethanol production and biomass energy are all good solutions due to these chemical properties. Also corn straw has 20-27% moisture content, 8% ash content and 15.68 MJ/kg calorific value. This makes pressing straws into straw pellets feasible. Whatever which recycling solution of corn straw, employing a corn straw baler to bale the straws into dense bales for easy handling and transportation is quite necessary.

Why we recycle corn straw?

After impurities removing, straw grinding and drying processes, recycling corn straw has better environmental benefits and economical benefits. For example, it can be used as fuel for heating or cooking while corn straw pellets is easy to be burned by providing high energy with lower environment pollution. Also it is a good solution for animal bedding such as horse bedding and small pets bedding. In addition, it is the ideal solution to make animal feeding materials for dogs, rabbits, pigs and horses etc.. Nowadays, more and more recycling solutions are becoming feasible. It also creates new work opportunities and increase cash inflow.

Corn straw baler machines in SINOBALER

Density of corn straws bales are much higher than original straw, so it can greatly reduce your transportation cost and make storage easier at your site. So corn straw baler machines come to work. Baling output or capacity is the most important to decide which baler is the best suitable for you. From our past experience, bagging baler and automatic baler are more popular in the market. For animal bedding or feeding, baling and bagging baler is quite suitable. While it comes to save transportation and storage cost for large amount of corn straws, large automatic horizontal baler is more suitable. So contact SINOBALER to tailor your case one by one today.

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