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Corrugated Box Baler For Sale

Corrugated boxes can be stock boxes, air freight cargo containers, cube boxes, file storage boxes, flat boxes, heavy duty boxes, tall boxes and side loading boxes etc. These boxes are widely available in packing, delivery and transportation period. Most of these boxes are just one time consuming material. So if these boxes can be recycled or reused, it can save a lot in new corrugated boxed production. Corrugated box baler for sale is such a compressing machine to reduce the size of large corrugated boxes and hence save your transportation cost as well as storage cost.


Corrugated paper demand and consumption regions

Paper and cardboard packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging are four common packaging materials. But paper packaging is the most important packaging materials because it accounts for about 45% – 50% proportion in whole packaging industry.

In 2015, the global output of corrugated paper was about 230 billion square meters.  It just meets the global demand of 224 billion square meters. Asia accounts for 51.2% of paper consumption. Europe is 22.6% and North America is 18.2%. The global corrugated paper demand growth rate keeps about 4% since 2010. Asia Pacific growth rate is 6.37% which is higher than 3.91% in Central and South America market.


Corrugated box baler for sale in the market

Corrugated boxes are good recyclable and valuable materials. Large amount of corrugated boxes can be collected and delivered to recycling center for further reuse or recycling. We can bale the corrugated boxes scrap and deliver the dense bales by truck or container to paper mills for new paper production. From mini vertical baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a suitable corrugated box baler for sale in SINOBALER. For small baling requirement, our mill size baler model SVBS2-500 is the popular baler machine. For medium baling requirement, manual tie horizontal baler is in hot sale especially in domestic market. Regarding to large size baling requirement, fully automatic horizontal baler is of course the ideal option for efficient working and labor saving.


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