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Corrugated Offcut Baler Machine

What is corrugated offcut and Why baling corrugated offcut?

Usually in corrugated board/box production factories, there are corrugator, slotters and die cutting machines. All these machineries generate offcut and trimming wastes during production operation. The offcut trimmings if left unattended. They not only make the working environment look messy, but also bring safety concern. Workers would get tripped over by the offcut trimmings on the ground. Furthermore, the possibility of fire also increases. Collecting and baling the offcut not only help keep the working place clean, neat and safe, it can also generate extra revenue for you by selling the compacted bales. A corrugated offcut baler is the right way to go for this process.

Corrugated offcut collecting & baling system from SINOBALER 

It is not easy to collect corrugated offcut by manual labor. An automated collecting system is a better choice. With the corrugated offcut collecting & baling system from SINOBALER, two funnels are underneath the trim generating points on each side of the corrugator for collecting the trim wastes from corrugator. A chopper fan connects these two funnels through flexible hoses, it will shred the long strip trimming waste and further convey the shredded pieces via duct to cyclone separator.

As for the scrap material from slotters and die cutting machines, a conveyor will firstly convey the scrap to one side of the machine. A chopper fan at the conveyor’s conveying end will capture the scrap material and further convey them to cyclone through air pipes/ducts. 

Inside the cyclone, the air and the scrap material will separate with the air evacuate from the top opening of the cyclone and meanwhile the scrap material fall into the corrugated offcut baler’s compressing chamber. The baler will start baling process automatically once scrap fill up the hopper. The choice of baler pretty much depend on the volume of wasted generated.

So contact SINOBALER today for your own corrugated offcut baler.

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