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Cotton Baler Machine

Cotton baler is a hydraulic cotton compactor. It is characterized by its new structure, high technology, high rigidity and stability, good-looking appearance and energy saving. This cotton baler is widely used in baling and packing cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, grass and medicinal materials for convenient storage and transportation.


Why we need a cotton baler?

Cotton is one of the major crops in the world. The main characteristic of cotton is that the production cost is low and the yield of it is high. Cotton is widely used in many industrial areas such as clothing industrial, textile industrial, and fiber industrial etc.

As we all know that the cotton is a very fluffy material. It is highly stretchable and comfortable. Although it has so many advantages, but the characteristic of low density makes it not convenient to store and transport. So we need the cotton baler machine to compact and pack or tie the cotton to make a tight cotton bale. By using the cotton baler, it is not only helps the cotton transportation, but also good to the cotton storage. Apparently, the high density cotton bale can save a lot of space for both warehouse and truck. Correspondingly, the cost for storage and transport will be less.

As it is known that, not only the used cotton need to bale for recycling, but also the brand new cotton need to be baled. Because baled new cotton is easier to be delivered to professional clothing factory or chemical company. Some types of cotton baler can make it possible to pack the cotton bales with plastic bags. The package can prevent the cotton from dust and water. It can keep dry and clean.


Cotton baler in the market

Cotton balers in the market can be quite different. You can have vertical cotton baling press machine as well as horizontal cotton baling press machine. You can have cotton baling machine with round bale. Or you can have cotton baling machine with square bale. SINOBALER has hydraulic cotton baler machine with square bale. You can always find the most suitable cotton baler for your project based on your capacity, bale size and bale weight requirement.


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