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Cotton Stalk Baler Machine

Cotton is one of the most important commercial crops. It plays an important role in the national economy like textile industry. Cotton stalks is a good raw material for preparation of various products because it contains about 46% of alpha cellulose and 26% lignin. Cotton stalk baler is a machine that make bales for cotton stalks.


The usages of cotton stalks

  1. – Cotton stalks can be available for the production of edible mushrooms.
  2. – Cotton stalks is also a good raw material for the process of pulp and paper and corrugated fiber board. It consumes less power than that of hard wood.
  3. – Cotton stalks is a good fuel material.


Cotton stalk baler machines in the market

To better use cotton stalks for new product production or other recycling solutions, the main problem lies in its high transportation and storage cost due to its low bulk density.  Luckily, cotton stalk baler machines can solve this problem. There are several different type of cotton stalk baling machines in the market.

First, Rectangular baler normally is either a vertical or a horizontal baler with large feed opening for material’s easy feeding. It equips with hydraulic system and can suit both small and large baling requirements. Also bale size and bale weight can be customized based on your individual requirements.

Second, small square baler can make small cotton stalks bales. It normally directly works in the farm with other system for more efficient working.

Third, round baler can make round cotton stalks bales. So it is widely used in the farm for large amount of baling purpose.


Cotton stalk balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several balers suitable for cotton stalks baling purpose. Both chopped or unchopped cotton stalks are fine to find an ideal baler in our product range. Moisture content, bulk density, compression ratio, resiliency and hardness all can affect the bale density and weight. Contact SINOBALER today and let our professional team recommend the most optimized cotton stalk baling machine for you.


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