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Cotton Yarn Baler Machine

What is cotton yarn?

The most commonly spun fibers in the world should be cotton and polyester. Also cotton is the most common plant fiber and it can be spun into fine yarn for mechanical weaving or knitting into cloth. We can found cotton is grown all over the world and it is ginned and prepared for yarn spinning after harvesting. Since cotton yarn is breathable, versatile and soft, it is very popular and keeps staple in the knitting industry till day. Also this kind of comfortable knits is absorbent and can be worn for three seasons of the year.

Why you need a cotton yarn baler?

When you have large amount of cotton yarn in your stock or you need to transport them to another place, it is quite necessary to reduce the size and make them easy for handling and transportation. Cotton yarn baler is such a baling press machine which can compress cotton yarn into rectangle bales. If you want to load the cotton bales as much as possible in a container or truck, you can calculate and design the ideal bale size for maximum weight loading.

Cotton yarn balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER is the professional and experienced baler manufacturer in China. We have a versatile baling press machines for all kinds of materials. Regarding to cotton yarn baling, all of our textile balers from vertical to horizontal type are suitable. Most textile manufacturers choose vertical cotton yarn balers for internal management. Both single lifting chamber baler and swivel twin lifting chamber baler are ideal option to create high density cotton yarn bales. For large quantity of cotton yarn baling, L-type two ram automatic baler is the most efficient solution. So just contact SINOBALER if you have any cotton yarn baling requirements.

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