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Cutting Leftover Baler Machine

There are many industry cutting leftovers after manufacturing but most of these materials are not recycled or reused well. So here is the question now. How to discover the opportunities to make more efficient use of these leftovers from manufacturing? Cutting leftover baler machine is a good help in transportation of such kind of materials.

Cutting leftovers from different industries

Cutting leftovers can be in different materials such as paper or cardboard cutting leftovers from paper mill, and fabric cutting leftovers from garment manufacturer etc. Even you can also find die-cutting leftovers from metal industry or plastic industry. If we do not find ways to handle them properly, they are only the waste and thus landfill is the final destination for them. But if we can recycle or reuse them in an efficient and cost effective way, they are good resource to produce new products. Take fabric leftovers for example, almost 15% becomes cutting scrap pieces or roll ends. If we can turn them into additional internal sections for garments, this reuse is a better management for fabric leftover.

Cutting leftover baler machines in recyclable material recycling

How to recycle or reuse these cutting leftovers? Different industry has different recycling processes or reuse solutions. Anyway, a good management of cutting leftovers enable recycling at higher economic value and environmental benefits. Take leftover cardboard for example, leftovers from cardboard die cut sheets can be collected and transported to paper manufacturing through a cardboard baler machine. It is good source material for new paper production.

Cutting leftover balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a complete line of baling machines for sale. Different material leftovers can choose the matched material balers. All kinds of cardboard balers from mini size to large fully automatic type are all available to bale leftover cardboard. All kinds of lifting chamber chambers, baling and bagging machines, manual-tie horizontal balers and fully automatic balers are all feasible for baling fabric leftovers. So just send us your own baling inquiry to our team now.

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