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Dehydrated Alfalfa Automatic Baler Machine

What is dehydrated alfalfa? Alfalfa is widely grown in many countries around the world such as USA, Romania, Puerto Rica etc, and due to its richness of protein, it is most often used as animal food for feeding cattle, horse, chinchilla, and many other pets. Dehydrated alfalfa is a meal product resulting from the rapid drying of alfalfa by artificial means. Dehydrated alfalfa is the most nutrient-rich form of alfalfa. It contains more vitamins, minerals, and amino acids than typical sun cured alfalfa. The majority use of dehydrated alfalfa is to feeding animals, mainly species for milk production and high performance animals. But how to transport and store large amount of dehydrated alfalfa? Dehydrated alfalfa automatic baler is a good help.

Baling of dehydrated alfalfa

Dehydrated alfalfa is also quite fluffy, and has to be baled first before delivering so as to reduce storage and transportation cost. There are generally two different types of baling machines available – horizontal baling machines, and vertical baling machines. Vertical balers are loaded from the front, are usually manually operated, and compress from the top down. They are best suited when there are smaller quantities of materials need to baled. Horizontal balers are loaded from the top by conveyor belt or forklift (allowing for larger quantities), compress from the side, and are usually fully automatic. Dehydrated alfalfa automatic baler machines are ideal for larger quantities baling needs. Mostly for dehydrated alfalfa baling, horizontal dehydrated alfalfa automatic baler machines are commonly and widely used.

Where to buy dehydrated alfalfa automatic baler machine?

Like most industrial equipment, baling machines are manufactured by specialty manufacturers, located all over the world. In fact, some of the best manufacturers are in China. The internet has made buying baling machines much easier – you can find a baling machine manufacturer with ease. SINOBALER is top professional hydraulic baler manufacturer in China. We cover the full range of vertical and horizontal balers large or small and we can also customize machines to suit client’s specific requirements. If you are looking for a dehydrated alfalfa automatic baler, we have two type of fully automatic balers for your options. L-type two ram automatic baler features with flexible wire tie system and it is less downtime than traditional automatic balers in the market. Contact SINOBALER now for the optimal baling solution for your needs.

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