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Diesel Baler Machine

There are numerous type of recyclable materials for baling and different type baler designs aims to work more efficiently. Energy cost, wire usage, manpower requirement and maintenance cost are main concerns when you choose a right baler. Electrical power and diesel power are two basic power solutions. Both electrical baler machines and diesel baler machines are available in the market for different options.


Electrical baler VS Diesel baler

Electrical baler is the baler that use electricity for power, while diesel baler is the baler that use diesel engine for power. The electrical power or diesel power can both work with hydraulic and mechanical systems in a baler machine.

Most balers are electric powered balers. Also these balers are stationary balers in general. Electrical baler has motor for power. It has less noise and less impact on air pollution. So it is more popular than diesel baler.

Diesel baler is with diesel engine and most mobile balers are diesel balers. Also diesel engine baler is popular in the region where do not have electricity power conditions. For example, diesel baler is quite popular in Middle East for outside agriculture work.

Both electrical baler and diesel engine baler have hydraulic cylinder and oil pump. For some type of baler machines, these two power are both workable. Of course, the layout of the parts will be different. For example, electrical baler should remove motor and add diesel engine and belt for transmission.


Diesel baler machines in SINOBALER

All the standard balers in SINOBALER are with electricity power. But vertical balers, manual-tie horizontal balers and baling and bagging balers are all workable for diesel engine in SINOBALER.  Cost is typically an indication of capacity. Normally less cost baler has lower throughout capacity. Balers that are outside have options of either in electricity or in diesel engine. Normally stationary baler prefers electrically powered, while mobile baler prefers diesel. So just contact SINOBALER today and we can tailor the diesel baler for your own needs. View more size reduction machines here.