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Double Action Baler

A double-action baler, in the context of waste management and recycling, is a type of baler machine used to compress and tightly bind materials such as small loose materials like wood shavings, and other recyclables into compact, manageable bales. The double action refers to the use of two cylinders in the baling process. One cylinder is responsible for compressing the material, while the other one is engaged in the ejection of the finished bale. This dual cylinder system allows for both the compressing and ejection phases of the baling process to occur simultaneously.

The dual-cylinder design enhances the efficiency of the baling process. While one cylinder is compacting material into a bale, the other cylinder is preparing for the next compression cycle. Double-action balers are known for their higher throughput compared to single-action balers. The continuous operation and overlapping cycles contribute to increased efficiency in processing recyclable materials. The simultaneous compression and ejection actions result in reduced cycle times, making the baling process faster and more productive. Due to their efficiency, double-action balers are often used in facilities that handle a good amount of recyclables, such as recycling centers, waste management facilities, and industrial settings. Double-action balers can produce denser bales, which contributes to space efficiency in storage and transportation.

Typical Double Action Balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers a variety of double-action balers within our product line.

  1. Bagging Balers: These balers are designed for efficiently baling and bagging small loose materials such as rice husks and wood shavings.
  2. Metal Scrap Briquetting Balers: Ideal for compressing metal scraps like aluminum, steel, or iron, these balers provide an effective solution for managing and recycling metal waste.
  3. L-type Two Ram Automatic Balers: These horizontal balers are well-suited for compacting large volumes of materials into dense bales. You have the option to use either plastic strapping or steel wire to secure the bales.

Double action baler plays a crucial role in recycling operations by facilitating the processing and transportation of recyclable materials in a more compact and manageable form. The choice of baler type depends on the specific needs and volume of materials handled by a particular facility.

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