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Double Box Baler / Two Chamber Baler

Double the Waste, Double The Box:

Wastage can be found in any form, metal scraps, plastic waste, paper waste and so on. They have been increased alarmingly in the recent past. The problem is not the waste but the disposal of them. A lot of machinery have been developed and implemented for converting them. Double box baler is being one among them.


What is double box baler?

A double box baler is similar to that of the double chamber baler but is mainly used in the textile waste management. But they are also used in other fields too. Compared to traditional single box baler or single chamber baler, it has two boxes or two chambers for more efficient work. One chamber is feeding materials while the other chamber can compress materials at the same time.


Procedure of double box baler:

The working style is similar to that of the double chamber baler but mostly used in textile waste management. However, there are advanced and powerful balers the basic procedure remains the same. That is,

  • – The raw material will be fed into the input unit or the twin feeder.
  • – This box or chamber can start to compress materials into right bale.
  • – At the same time, the other box or chamber can be fed into materials. That means compressing and feeding can be done at the same time which greatly enhance the work efficiency.
  • – When the first box is finished bale, turn the other box to the chamber plate side for compressing work. The second box can start to feed materials at the same time.

Whatever the machine may be but the procedure will always remain the same making it easier and less stressful to operate. The ideal workman for such double box baler is two persons. One person is responsible for feeding materials, while the other person can handle compressing work.


Precautions to be taken:

When a double box baler is being operated proper care and precautions should be taken. The user must follow the specific safety procedures mentioned by the manufacturer. Though there may not be much since it is a fully sealed machine basic precautions such as,

  • – Wearing an earpiece in order to muffle the sound.
  • – Wearing gloves while opening feeding and getting out the waste.
  • – Careful following of the instructions labeled in the machine.

Are the most important steps that should not be skipped.


A good machine should…


Once sure about buying the double chamber baler then start the hunting for the good machine and best seller. Sure there are a lot of products and sellers available out there. And with the online shopping website, a lot more deals and offers will be available. But how can one be sure about the machine? Simple, look for

  • – The machine performance rate.
  • – The power consumption.
  • – The machine manufacturing.
  • – The technology used in it.
  • – The bale capacity should be noted.
  • – The machine storage capacity is also important.
  • – The machine operations should be mentioned like manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

Once the user got the above specifications up to their desired they can continue on with their next step.



The waste management is not only for controlling the pollution. When used correctly will also earn a hefty amount of money to the users. The user should know what’s and where’s about the double box baler before entering the field. Proper care and maintenance can make any machine last longer than expected. The more advanced the machine the expensive it’s amount. Remember good things always comes at a cost and so as the bad things. Beware of frauds and cheats. Their offers may sound tempting but may lead to damage more than one can imagine.


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