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Double Chamber Press Machine

What is a double chamber press machine? 

A double chamber press machine, as its name indicates, has two compressing chambers. Compared with traditional single chamber pressing machine, double chamber pressing machine is more efficient. When operator feeds one chamber, the other chamber can compress materials at the same time.

Double chamber press machine from SINOBALER

There are different types of double chamber pressing machines available. They are of different designs for baling waste materials such as carton, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic film and textile. The double chamber pressing machine from SINOBALER focuses on the application of textile. It is with lifting chamber design and the two chambers can be swiveled around.

Design features of SINOBALER’s double chamber press machine 

The double chamber press machine that we offer is also called swivel twin lifting chamber baler. It is specialized in baling various textile products such as used clothes, rags, fabric, into dense and neat bales. Full bale wrapping and crossed strapping functions are available.

The dual-chamber structure allows baling and feeding to be carried out synchronously. When one chamber is doing compressing, the other chamber is always ready for being loaded. This bi-task ability greatly increases the working efficiency, and especially suitable for facilities that have large volume of material to handle every day. The ideal way of operating this machine is to have one person feeding material into one chamber, and the other person taking care of operating the control panel as well as wrapping and strapping on the other chamber. Operating on this machine is rather simple, pressing one button and the ram will automatically finish an entire compressing & returning cycle.

Buy double chamber press machine from SINOBALER

All press machines from SINOBALER are CE certified. If you are looking for an high efficient solution for baling textile related materials, please do not hesitate to contact SINOBALER.

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