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Double Cylinder Baler Machine

What is a double cylinder baler? 

A double cylinder baler is a piece of equipment with two cylinders for compression. It compresses loose waste materials (such as cardboard, plastic bottles etc.) into compact block. The compressed block get further strapped up to maintain its shape. We call such regularly shaped, compacted and strapped blocks bales. It is easy to store and moved around the bales, greatly facilitating storage and logistics processes.

What are the benefits of double cylinder baler? 

A double cylinder baler is usually with big compression force. Balers with small compression force can do well with just one cylinder. The two cylinder design can keep the platen well balanced, so that the waste materials can be compressed evenly. Due to the higher compression force of double cylinder baler, they are also with robust and heavy duty machine frame structure. Double cylinder baler has wide application including cardboard baling, plastic bottle baling, textile baling, fiber baling etc. For same application, double cylinder baler’s bale size and bale density are generally bigger than single cylinder baler. For some particular applications like tyre baling, only double cylinder baler is suitable as tyre is material with high rebound force and single cylinder baler cannot well handle.

Double cylinder baler from SINOBALER 

SINOBALER is a specialized baler manufacture in China. We provide various different types and sizes balers including double cylinder baler. The typical double cylinder balers in SINOBALER are tire baler, heavy duty two ram vertical baler, and L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler. If our standard models cannot well meet your needs, customization is always available for tailoring a machine based on your specific requirements. If you are looking for a double cylinder baler for your business, contact us for the optimal baling solution for your needs.

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