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Double Cylinder Compactor Machine

What is double cylinder compactor?

A double cylinder compactor refers to a baler that has two compressing cylinders. Double cylinder compactors can be either vertical balers or horizontal balere or even bagging balers. For a vertical type double cylinder compactor, normally it is a high-pressure machine of more than 80tons force. Also the compression chamber is quite wide. With two cylinders, the pressing of a vertical baler will be in better balance so as to protect the cylinder from getting tilt. For a horizontal baler, double cylinder compactors normally refers to L-type balers which has two chambers in L-shape layout. One chamber is for pressing the material and the other chamber acts like a door to maximize bale density and also for ejecting the bale out of the machine. Automatic double cylinder compactors normally bale tying with an independent tying system at the exit of the machine.

What material do double cylinder compactors process 

Double cylinder compactors can press various wastes including paper, plastic bottles, rubber, natural fiber, etc. As I previously mentioned, vertical double cylinder compactorS normally have large pressure force. So it is very good for handling high rebounding material like coir fiber, plastic bottles, etc. For other small-rebounding material, actually a low-pressure single cylinder baler is sufficient. For horizontal double cylinder compactors, usually they are very good to handle material of small debris, material of high rebounding force, and also municipal waste that contains various different material. The tying system of a horizontal double cylinder compactor is separately installed at the baler’s exit, making the number of tying variable. For some loose material that is quite difficult to be compressed into high density bales. A horizontal double cylinder compactor is very good choice because it is actually like a close-door baler but not an open-end baler.

Is a double cylinder compactor very costly?

Usually double cylinder compactors are more costly than single cylinder balers. Price of vertical double cylinder compactors doesn’t differ much from single cylinder balers. But price is mainly depending on the pressure force and chamber size. Horizontal double cylinder compactors are most costly. It is much more costly than a single cylinder horizontal baler and more than 10 times more expensive than a vertical baler.

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