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Drum Compactor – Minimize the Waste Generation

Waste Minimization Solution – Drum Compactor

As the world is advancing towards technological applications in almost every field. There has also increased the need to maintain a balance for the same. As innovations keep taking place, there is a heightened need to curb the waste generation and the exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources. Each day, due to several activities of the human race, is it domestic or industrial; a large amount of waste gets generated. This creation of varied types of waste needs to be regulated in some form or the other in order to achieve a sustainable life.

One such reformatory step towards waste minimization is done by the innovation of a machine known as the “Drum Compactor”. It can be vertical drum compactor or an automated drum compacting machine. It is to change the size or form of the drums, which are used for various purposes in the life of a human being. For example, these drums might be used for storing something or also in the application of the road rollers. Whatever might be the application, when the purposes of these drums are fulfilled, they are discarded by treating them as useless and a waste material. What humans fail to understand is the amount of undue pressure on the raw materials of the Earth and the level of pollution created.

The Use of Drum Compactor:

Hence, with the advent of the Drum Compactor, this issue can be resolved. These compactors are usually utilized in the landfill sites where wherein the waste drums are changed in the size or the shape by its use.

As far as its history goes, earlier the compaction process was done manually wherein the rollers, which were pulled by the horses, were used. Later towards the dawn of the 19th century, the horse-driven compactors were replaced by other modern forms of compactors, only to be finally updated with the automated form of Drum Compactor.

Benefits of Drum Compactor:

The use of the drum compactor is manifold as it offers the following benefits:

  • – Cost-effectiveness: As the waste generated by the use of drums gets minimized and re-utilized; these facilities are able to cut down the costs substantially. This reduces the disposal cost of the waste generated through landfills and other methods. As waste gets minimized, there is also a less need to arrange for their pick-up from various locations. Moreover, the design of the drum compactor is done in a way to cut down the expenses.
  • – Space Utilization: As the waste drums are compacted, space, which was needed to store them additionally, also gets saved. The use of the drum compactor also enables saving the space needed for the landfill purpose.
  • – Easy Maintenance: The drum compactor can be set up very easily and conveniently. It can be accomplished by any manual guidelines and requires no specialized training. The machine is also equipped with wheels so that it can be easily moved to places for easy operation.
  • – Safe Usage: The designers of the drum compactor pay special attention to the safe usage of the automated machine such that no casualty occurs during its operation.


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