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Drum Crusher For Sale

Drum crusher for sale is versatile. There are manual drum crusher or automatic drum crusher. According to motor driven power, you can see electric motor drum crusher, diesel motor drum crusher and gasoline motor drum crusher in the market. Of course, you can also select portable drum crusher or non-portable drum crusher. Anyway, please choose the right one based on your unique drum crushing requirements and facility conditions.


What does drum crusher do?

Drum crusher is a metal drum, barrel or container size reduction machine. For example, it can crush a 55 gallon drum into a flattened piece in 25-40 seconds. That means you can compact 60-110 pieces of drums per hour. The long stroke aims to flatten the drums in a higher compaction ratio and reduce waste footprint further. This greatly reduce storage space and save transportation cost if people want to recycle the waste drums.


Drum crusher for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER provide two kind of hydraulic drum crushers. One is simple manual vertical drum crusher which suits the small amount of drum crushing requirement. The advantage of this machine is in simple operation and cost effective price. But you need an operator to manually load the drum or barrel into the machine. Then operator simply press the operation button to press the drum into a piece. The other one is automatic drum crushing system. This machine is ideal for the continuous drum press purpose, because the rolling conveyor can help to transport each drum into the compressing chamber for compression purpose. Also machine can eject the pressed drum out of machine automatically. In this way, you can enhance the working efficiency and save labor cost.

Contact SINOBALER today if you have any drum or barrel pressing requirement. Our professional engineering team will tailor your need and find the best suitable machine for you within 24 working hours.


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