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Dry Pepper Baler / Dry Chili Pepper Baler Machine

What is dry pepper baler?

Dry pepper baler is a kind of baler machine that be used to compact and pack the dry pepper/dry chili pepper. Normally the dry pepper baler is a horizontal type and with the function not only can bale the dry pepper but also can pack it with bags. So It is also popular as bagging baler.


Why we need dry pepper baler?

As it is known, pepper is one of the seasonal food. But it is also a kind of food we need all year around .The pepper is not only a vegetable, but also a very important seasoning. If we want to enjoy the pepper in all seasons, we need to take some measures to dry it and seal it for long-term storage. The dry pepper baler machine will help us a lot on this.


How to dry peppers?

There are many ways to dry peppers. Here we recommend a simple way you can do it by yourself at home.

Step 1: Select the peppers. Green and red chili peppers are both fine. Please make sure that they are ripe but not overripe. They should look good and have no blemishes or bruises. You can keep them intact and then wash the peppers. Wait until the peppers are naturally air-dried.

Step 2: Use the cotton string, baling wire or twine to tie the chili peppers on the line. Make it a chili pepper string.

Step 3: Hang the pepper string outside. Please note that it should be hung in full sun where there is ample air circulation and light. Good air circulation will prevent the chili pepper from molding.

After the chili peppers are totally dry, you can use the dry pepper baler machine to bale and pack it for storage.


Dry pepper baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two kinds of bagging baler are very suitable for baling dry peppers: scale weighing bagging baler and heavy duty bagging baler. Scale weighing bagging is more suitable causing it can weigh the peppers before baling so make sure every package is almost the same weight.


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