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Duster Cloth Baler Machine

What is duster cloth baler?

The duster cloth baler is the kind of machine especially for pressing the textile like duster cloth. The main feature of a typical duster cloth baling machine is that it with the function of packing the bale in plastic bags or wrapping the bale with plastic sheet. Generally speaking, for most type of the balers, the bales are normally tied with plastic strap or steel wire. They normally do not have the function of packing the whole bale with a plastic bag. But when we need to bale the material like duster cloth, used cloth, cotton, etc., we do need to pack them in plastic bags and prevent them from getting wet or dirty during transportation or storage.

The duster cloth baler in SINOBALER

There are two series of SINOBALER’s baling presses machines for duster cloth baling purpose. One is the horizontal type of baler and the other is the vertical type of baler.

The horizontal duster cloth baling machine also popular horizontal baling and bagging machine. The most popular style is the scale weighing baling and bagging baler. Because this type of duster cloth baling press machine has a scale equipped on the machine. If you need to make sure every bale weigh the same weight after baling, you can put the duster cloth on the scale for weighing first and then load these duster cloth into the compress chamber for pressing. When the bale is about to come out, please put one plastic bag at the outlet, the duster cloth will be pushed into the plastic bag directly.

The vertical duster cloth baling machine is also popular as Lifting Chamber Baler. When pressing duster cloth, you need to cover the bottom and platen of machine with a plastic bag or sheet. Then you load the duster cloth into the machine. When finishing pressing process, you need to pull up/down the plastic bag/sheet on the bottom and platen to make sure the whole bale is well covered by the packing material.

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