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EPS Foam Cold Press Machine

What is EPS foam? 

EPS foam is short for Expanded Poly Styrene and is a white foam plastic material made from solid beads of polystyrene. EPS is very lightweight with very low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption and excellent cushioning properties. Due to these properties, EPS foam is a popular material for packaging applications, cost-effective and energy-efficient insulation in construction applications and many more. Due to the wide use of EPS foam, there is a large amount of waste EPS generated. So EPS foam recycling is a must for keeping the waste EPS foam from landfill. And an EPS foam cold press machine is what you need for EPS foam recycling.

Why use EPS foam cold press machine? 

Waste EPS foam is light in weight and bulky, so it is difficult to recycle and inconvenient to transport. EPS foam cold press machines can compact waste EPS foam such as foam board, foam block etc. into dense bales. Compaction ration can be up to 40:1 or more. With this EPS foam size reduction machine, bulky foam waste would not occupy large storage space, but also facilitate logistics and handling. Recyclers can benefit from saving large storage and transportation cost.

EPS foam cold press machines from SINOBALER

SINOBALER is a specialized size reduction machinery supplier. The EPS foam cold press machine from SINOBALER adopts mechanical processes to break and compact the foam waste without the need of adding other chemical products, and there is no odors. It is an environmental friendly machine without causing any pollution. During operation, workers only need to feed the foam into the hopper or conveyor, the foam will be cut and spiraled by the shredding and crushing mechanism of the equipment. And the square foam compression block is produced after being processed by the screw mechanism. If you are looking for an EPS foam cold press machine, please feel free to contact SINOBALER.

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