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Extrusion Baler Machine

Continuous horizontal extrusion baling method is a common solution to get a dense bale. For example, horizontal balers and baling and bagging horizontal balers are such kind of typical baling machines. The working principle of extrusion baler is to produce horizontal force to form a dense bale in the extrusion chamber. This chamber hydraulically and mechanically squeezes bales from three sides, then releases to allow bale to move on through the chamber. Of course, there are many benefits from extrusion because extrusion can speed up production and eliminate the need for bale ejection rams and separation doors.

Extrusion baler machines in the market

From light and small materials to metal and large materials, extrusion baler can always find its place in the market. Because it has very wide applications in different industries. Wide mouth extrusion baler can make exceptional-weight bales for almost all recyclables such as cardboard and paper, plastic bottles and soft plastic materials, non ferrous metals, hay and straw and plant fiber etc. It is ideal for high volume continuous baling process and is usually in conjunction with sorting and conveyor feed systems. Aluminum extrusion baler is typical metal extrusion baler. The compressed aluminum block can come out of extrusion chamber directly without typing. Baling and bagging machine combines with baling and bagging function in one machine, but it still use extrusion principle to push materials to move to bale exit for bagging purpose. It is quite ideal for baling loose and small particles such as wood shavings, rice husks and sawdust etc.

Extrusion balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER horizontal balers are all extrusion balers. For example, open end fully automatic baler, closed end manual-tie horizontal baler, scale weighing bagging baler, and heavy duty bagging baler are all working under extrusion principle. Extrusion can help baler to handle materials in a more efficient and economical solution. All of them have PLC control system which automates the operation and promotes accuracy. Contact SINOBALER today to tailor your own baling machine.

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