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Factory Direct Sale Baler Machine

To purchase a suitable baler, you can have many channels to reach it. For example, you can buy a baler from a manufacturer or factory, a brand agent, a distributor, or even an engineering company. Then you need to compare the quotes, specifications and customer service one by one. This task is not easy if you do not have enough technical background. Also sometimes customer service investigation is not available considering it is an international transaction. All we know the good after sales service is quite important for a machine maintenance in years operation. So anyhow factory direct sale baler will be the preferable choice if you like their brand and the machine.

The benefits from factory direct sale baler machines

1. Machine quality

Not all the manufacturers can produce good quality baler. Normally lack of rich baler manufacturing experience is not the good choice for baler purchase. Only baler manufacturers who are proven in the market for years can be in your baler selection list. For special material balers such as tire baler and cotton baler, it is even important to find a baler manufacturer who has rich experience in this kind of baler. Common baler manufacturers may have many problems for these special balers. So factory direct sale baler should be from the right baler manufacturers. Then they can ensure the machine quality in a satisfied level.

2. Machine price

It is easy to understand the price from factory direct sale will be more preferential. Because it saves the intermediate channel cost and it is a transaction between manufacturer and end customer.

3. After sales service

An excellent after sales service should have quick response and can find problems and solutions in real time. General speaking, factory direct sale baler can receive relatively excellent service. Because factory knows the machine best and they have stock in case there is a part replacement requirement. But considering when it is an international transaction, sometimes distributor, agent or engineering company can also afford same service if they have enough technology and stock.

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